Supervillain Awareness Day

Today is Supervillain Awareness Day, so I would like to take a moment and pay thanks to someone whose efforts to educate people about the dangers of supervillainy are unparalleled– my friend and fellow writer, Katie Lynn Daniels.

Katie has been chronicling the exploits of supervillain hunter Jeffry Floyd for several years now (ever since the Galactic Alliance sent him, more or less against his will, to be the ‘Defender of Earth’) and has now completed six books worth of his life and adventures, with more to follow. Floyd’s campaign against supervillainy should be an encouragement to all of us who are currently suffering from the depredations of supervillains, as well as a call to arms.

To learn more about how you can help the fight against supervillainy, do the following:

Check out, where you can find out about the series and read articles Floyd has written on how to deal with supervillains.

Like Supervillain of the Day on Facebook.

Follow @SupervillainOTD and @JeffryFloyd on Twitter for news and updates.

Pick up the entire series on Kindle for free, today and tomorrow only!

– – – –

Okay, that’s it for the in-universe plug. In all seriousness, Katie is a great writer who’s got a lot of potential. And seeing how the books are free right now… well, really, what do you have to lose? You may actually have a new favorite series to gain!


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